Dear families,

Our students have started their computer science lessons this month. This year, we’re using the Tynker website to teach students coding skills. Tynker is a computer platform that allows students to create apps, games and digital stories.Our students can sign in with their  google accounts to access their Tynker games from home. Students will learn computer science terminology such as algorithms, sequences, loops, conditionals and variables. Please make sure your child brings a set of headphones to class.

Welcome to Tynker from Tynker on Vimeo.

In addition to Tynker, students in the after school computer science classes are using a variety of apps such as code.org, scratch and kodable.

kodable   scratch code picture

Our Thursday group will be starting a new program called Google CS First.In case you’re interested in learning more about Google CS First, check out the video below!

Google – CS-First Introduction Video from Zero Gravity on Vimeo.


Dear families,

Our students are working on some exciting digital media projects this month. These projects integrate curriculum being taught in the classroom with digital tools.

In the 5th grade, students have created trading cards based on famous explorers such Amerigo Vespucci, Vasco Da Gama, Hernan Cortez and France Drake. These trading cards were created using google docs and google drawing. Students submitted their trading cards on google classroom.

In the fourth grade, students have used the internet to research explorers such as Jacques Cartier, Henry Hudson, Giovani De Verrazano and Samuel De Champlain. The teachers have posted resources and projects on their google classrooms.


In addition to internet research, teachers have assigned math lessons on Khan Academy. Students have registered for Khan Academy with their school google accounts. Khan Academy provides learning exercises for students in subjects such as math, science, computer programming and history. Khan Academy is aligned with common core learning standards.



In the 3rd grade, students have used internet resources such as world book and ducksters to find information on Brazil. As a class project, the students are contributing facts and images of Brazil to their padlet. Padlet is a virtual wall that allows students to express their thoughts on  a common topic. Students can post images, video, documents and text to their padlet.

In the 2nd grade, students have used world book kids and world book student and to find information on famous person they chose in class. These two applications are available when students login to our ps 77 world book url. Our school username is lowerlab and password is student77.


The 2nd grade students will  use their research to create  google slide presentations based on their famous person.




Dear families,

As we approach the new year, I want to update you on exciting projects that have been completed by our students in the Digital Media Center.

The 2nd graders have completed an assignment on google classroom called Information You Should Know about Me. For this assignment, students learned how create a google doc, add text features, insert images and change alignments. The students typed information about themselves such as their favorite book, school subjects and animals.

Here’s an example of the assignment

Jacob 1.png

In the 3rd grade, our students integrated technology with their research on New Orleans by creating google slides. All of the students presentations were neatly added to a google site created by Mr. Goodman. If you wish to check out the site, click here.


In addition, students learned how to use digital resources such as world book student and ducksters.

ducksters                                      worldbookonline

In the 4th grade, students used digital tools such as google classroom, google docs, google slides and internet or print resources to type up research papers on their Native American Tribes. Students also learned how create citations such as the Modern Language Association (MLA).


In the 5th grade, students worked in their book  to create digital presentations using Prezi. Prezi is a presentation software that uses motion and zoom technology to bring your ideas to life. In this project, students created their presentations based on their book club books.

Here’s a screen shot of one of the 5th grade Prezi projects. These students created their presentation based on the book “The Red Pencil.”



In addition to all the projects, students in the 3rd and 4th grade have used the Khan Academy to practice their math skills.

Here’s a screen shot of the login page. Students can login immediately with their school google accounts.



Finally, the students in After School Computer Science completed their Hour of Code this month. The Hour of Code is a national event that takes place during computer science education week. This year, the event took place the week of December 5th to the 11th.


Dear parents,

Its been an exciting time for the students in Digital Media class. In October, our Student learned to sign into their school accounts and enroll into google classroom.


In the 5th grade, students are creating digital presentations for their book clubs using the non linear presentation application called Prezi. Prezi is a cloud based presentation software that allows students to use motion, zoom and spatial relationships to present ideas and themes.


The 4th graders have used digital tools to research the presidential election process and candidates. We’ve selected specific age-appropriate content for the students from sites us Timeforkids, ElectionScholastic and Congressforkids. For a final project, some of the students created short commercials for the candidates. We shot the commercials using an ipad and uploaded the videos to vimeo. The videos were then posted on google classroom.


The 2nd and 3rd graders have practiced their keyboarding skills using Dance Mat Typing and Typing.com. Students can login with google on typing.com.

typing                 dance-mat-typing

In addition, students have learned basic chromebook operations such as changing their login picture, adjusting the volume and picture settings. They have learned to browse for information on the internet using google search. In the next few weeks, students will learn google apps such as docs, slides and drawing. In addition, students will learn the function of the cloud based system google drive.


Finally, students in computer science classes have developed projects using coding programs such as code.org ,scratch and Dash & Dot robots.


What is Digital Citizenship?


Dear Lower Lab families,

Welcome back to school! This is my first digital media blog for the school year. Currently, all of our students are participating in a Digital Citizenship unit. In this unit, our students are learning how to use the internet safely for academic purposes. Some of the topics of discussion will be how to navigate cyberbullying, keep information private, cite a site, create a strong password and use of keywords. We’re using commonsense Media‘s curriculum. In addition, i’ve added a few cyber safety games onto the website links page.



In Digital Media class, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students have been introduced to google slides. They have learned how to create a  slide, change layouts, insert images, write text and transition. The 5th grade students are using wevideo to tell stories about Latin American Countries.

In the 2nd grade, students are creating presentaions that integrate google slides with information about Colonial New York. Students must create 4 slides: Title Slide, Interesteting Facts, Images and resources.

In the 3rd grade, students are creating a presentation for an individual country using google slides. Students Must create 5 slides: Title Slide, Interesting Facts about their Country, Image 1 with description, Image 2 with description and References.

In the 4th grade, students are creating presentations on an individual who worked to end slavery or worked for womens rights. The students must create 5 slides: Title with background image, General Life Overview, Early Life, Major Life Events and Resources.

In the 5th grade, students are using wevideo to create a short movie that explores the sights and sounds of their Latin American Country.

Check out the website for wevideo for more information about them.